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“SIMFORMER. Way to Success” is an online business simulation game designed to develop practical business skills of entrepreneurs and managers of small and medium businesses.

Dear beginner entrepreneur, we are sure you have already read a lot of useful and interesting books about business. You may have already completed several courses and trainings in which various business trainers shared their knowledge and advice on how to build your business. Summing it up, you already have some theoretical baggage. But there are several problems that are typical for almost ALL novice entrepreneurs and businesspeople, and if left unsolved, all the available baggage of their theoretical knowledge will remain a useless abstraction:

1. Lack of experience and practical skills to create and develop a business.

2. Skills are acquired only in practical activities, experience is acquired only in the commission and understanding of your own mistakes.

3. You can’t acquire experience and skills, since you are either starting or have recently started your first business.

4. Learning from your own mistakes in your real business is VERY painful and expensive.

According to statistics:

- 80% of new businesses are closed in the first 2 years of their existence.

- 70% of the closing reasons are the managerial mistakes made by founders, thus fatal for business and usually caused by lack of experience and management skills.

- Typical standard errors, most often leading to significant losses or loss of business. There are about 50.

What can you do? How to avoid the mistakes done by others? How to avoid experimenting on your own business without substantial financial loss? And how to gain (at least) basic managerial and entrepreneurial skill set?

Oddly enough, aircraft pilots will answer this question best of all. Nobody will allow a pilot to the helm of an airliner and will not allow to risk the plane and the lives of passengers. Until, pilot “flies” hundreds of hours in a flight simulator. Only after having received good practical experience in managing a virtual airliner, the pilot gains access to the real plane. Hence, aviation has the lowest accident and death statistics, unlike business.

In order not to give you the opportunity to make an accident in your business, we have created for you a professional business simulation game "SIMFORMER. Way to Success". This is a kind of antidote to your making the most dangerous and common mistakes in your business.

Business Simulator "Way to Success" is based on the professional economic online business simulation Simformer, in which you manage your own company, all the resources, business processes and characteristic of a real business. You will make the most important strategic and tactical decisions that determine the development of your company and its competitiveness. As in real life, in a multiplayer business simulation you have to cooperate and compete with thousands of real people who manage their virtual companies like you. It is this interaction with the live market that provides the realism and practical value of training in Simformer business simulation. That is why, Simformer business simulators are actively used by large companies and business schools. Prove to yourself and everyone around you that a company under your leadership can not only survive, but also become a global leader in its industry.

You can choose any of the hundreds of possible industries closest to your real business. You can develop a small business and focus on its efficiency and profit, or you can build a global corporation focusing on its capitalization, everything is in your hands - both strategy and tactics.

Create a virtual prototype of your future business, experiment, test business models, make mistakes, correct the situation and make mistakes again. This is what business simulators are needed for in order to gain experience without risking your real business. Good luck, success in business!

For whom

Novice entrepreneurs, startups, managers of small and medium businesses.

What skills does this game develop?

In the process of developing your virtual company, you will have to master the skills in practice:

·         Market Analysis;

·         Strategic planning;

·         Marketing;

·         Sales management;

·         Operational management;

·         Human Resource Management;

·         Supply Chain Management;

·         Financial management;

·         R&D;

·         Quality management.

You will learn how to manage production and service companies, retail chains and mining companies of your choice. The choice of industries and markets is practically unlimited.

What is required

Business Simulation Simformer is a turn based online business simulation with a frequency of 1 tern per day (every 24 hours), accessible from any web browser using any device (a screen of at least 10 inches is desirable). This format of the game allows you to determine the most convenient time within a day for practice in business simulation. For a complete and really useful game, it is advisable for you to spend 30-60 minutes to manage a virtual company.

In order to get used to the business simulation faster, you can access detailed video guide containing 14 videos on the main aspects of business simulation

Good luck, future CEO! Show the market what you are capable of!


Delivery formatOnline
Durationup to 2 months
Number of turnsup to 60
Turn intensityEvery 24 hours



Simformer Business Simulation is a multiuser business simulation environment, accessible through any browser. Every participant (or a team of participants) run their virtual company. The company may consist of various subdivisions: from extracting and processing natural resources to producing  finished goods and selling them to end users. Depending on the simulation settings for a particular case, at the beginning the participants receive a pre-configured company or just money fund. During the game, the participants can open a variety of subdivisions (the range of subdivisions depend on the simulation settings). Managing of  subdivisions includes all key business processes and functions: HR, production, marketing, sales, logistics, strategic management, finance, supply, etc. The actions of all participants are repeatedly processed by the system, depending on the frequency of business simulation turns. The Intensive mode is hourly turn- based, the Classic mode is daily turn-based.  The unique feature of Simformer Business Simulation is that the game world is not predetermined by algorithm. The participants have impact on the changes on the market, which in turn influences the actions of the participants. In addition, all participants are interconnected: they buy and sell the goods, equipment and raw materials to each others. These actions create  lifelike market environment with its risks and uncertainties.

Login on Simformer platform, using the login and password, which you received during the registration. Select the relevant course in the left treeview menu.


In order to enter the simulation, click on the «Enter Simulation» link.

Simformer Business Simulation can be beneficial to a wide range of participants: university  professors, instructors, students, entrepreneurs, managers, e-learning specialists, business coaches and trainers.

The participants should have computers, web-browsers, internet connection; they need to be registered users or be a part of a registered team.

The participants can spend unlimited amount of time in the simulation. In fact, you would need to spend as much time as possible to develop your successful virtual business.

We also recommend testing your abilities in the business simulation before starting to play and become familiar with video guides, rules and other materials.

Login on Simformer platform, using the login and password, which you received during the registration. Select the relevant course. Watch the simulation video guide. In addition to that, there are a number of hints that could be found in the simulation, which will help you to select the  required number of employees, necessary equipment, salaries, etc.

Your virtual business will be interconnected with the virtual businesses of other participants; you will purchase and sell equipment, raw materials and finished goods.

The actions of all the paticipants are processed by the system with a certain intensity, depending on  the frequency of simulation turns.

In order to share one company, the participants have to divide into teams. The team uses one login and password to manage the virtual company. It is possible to access the simulation from one or several computers. All team members see the same functions in the simulation. Therefore, the participants must coordinate their decisions with each other, delegating the responsibilities and duties (e.g., subdivisions) or business functions (CEO, marketing, finance, HR, manufacturing, etc.).

No, but the Certificate of Completion can be used to demonstrate your interest in learning about this area to potential employers or educational institutions. It can also be uploaded to your social networking sites.

“Way to success” . Business simulation for entrepreneur


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