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The license will give you access to Simformer Business Simulation with hourly turns. The license will be valid for 3 days after activation.


SBS Intensive Corporate allows using Simformer Business Simulation (SBS) for conducting dynamic short-term business games, training sessions, employee assessment programmes. 

The participants will acquire access to:

  • SBS, customized by the instructor with the help of developer tools,
  • Learning materials, tests, uploaded by course instructor to LMS platform Simformer.

SBS Intensive Corporate provides a wide range of possibilities for training sessions and business games moderators. It allows:

Uploading learning content into powerful LMS Moodle, which:

  • is connected to business simulation SBS and developer tools,
  • allows uploading video, audio, text materials and tеsts,
  • supports SCORM,
  • ensures online communication between students and instructors, 
  • provides opportunities to use various forms of organizing the learning process, 
  • has a student activity tracking system,
  • transitions from LMS to SBS with one click. 

Using a student activity monitoring system in SBS:

  • Regularly updated user ratings based on the companies’ key financial indicators. 

The access is granted for 3 days after the activation. 

Simformer Business Simulation is a multiuser business simulation environment, accessible through any browser. Every participant (or a team of participants) run their virtual company. The company may consist of various subdivisions: from extracting and processing natural resources to producing  finished goods and selling them to end users. Depending on the simulation settings for a particular case, at the beginning the participants receive a pre-configured company or just money fund. During the game, the participants can open a variety of subdivisions (the range of subdivisions depend on the simulation settings). Managing of  subdivisions includes all key business processes and functions: HR, production, marketing, sales, logistics, strategic management, finance, supply, etc. The actions of all participants are repeatedly processed by the system, depending on the frequency of business simulation turns. The Intensive mode is hourly turn- based, the Classic mode is daily turn-based.  The unique feature of Simformer Business Simulation is that the game world is not predetermined by algorithm. The participants have impact on the changes on the market, which in turn influences the actions of the participants. In addition, all participants are interconnected: they buy and sell the goods, equipment and raw materials to each others. These actions create  lifelike market environment with its risks and uncertainties.

Login on Simformer platform, using the login and password, which you received during the registration. Select the relevant course in the left treeview menu.


In order to enter the simulation, click on the «Enter Simulation» link.

Simformer Business Simulation can be beneficial to a wide range of participants: university  professors, instructors, students, entrepreneurs, managers, e-learning specialists, business coaches and trainers.

The participants should have computers, web-browsers, internet connection; they need to be registered users or be a part of a registered team.

The participants can spend unlimited amount of time in the simulation. In fact, you would need to spend as much time as possible to develop your successful virtual business.

We also recommend testing your abilities in the business simulation before starting to play and become familiar with video guides, rules and other materials.

Login on Simformer platform, using the login and password, which you received during the registration. Select the relevant course. Watch the simulation video guide. In addition to that, there are a number of hints that could be found in the simulation, which will help you to select the  required number of employees, necessary equipment, salaries, etc.

Your virtual business will be interconnected with the virtual businesses of other participants; you will purchase and sell equipment, raw materials and finished goods.

The actions of all the paticipants are processed by the system with a certain intensity, depending on  the frequency of simulation turns.

In order to share one company, the participants have to divide into teams. The team uses one login and password to manage the virtual company. It is possible to access the simulation from one or several computers. All team members see the same functions in the simulation. Therefore, the participants must coordinate their decisions with each other, delegating the responsibilities and duties (e.g., subdivisions) or business functions (CEO, marketing, finance, HR, manufacturing, etc.).

No, but the Certificate of Completion can be used to demonstrate your interest in learning about this area to potential employers or educational institutions. It can also be uploaded to your social networking sites.

SBS Intensive Corporate

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