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Simformer Overview

Get to know the unique possibilities of Simformer online educational and training platform and receive FREE three-day ac..

online-training simformer-demo retail-store-management

Simformer Partnership Program

SIMFORMER Regional Partner Program is aimed at training and consulting companies as well as trainers and business coa..

simformer-solutions simformer-partnerships partnership-package

Business game - Corporation in Distress, Intensive

Immerse into the world of crisis management in this dynamic business game. Strict time constrains and engaging scenario ..

business-game crisis-management decision-making

Business game - Corporation in Distress, Classic

A practice-oriented online course on crisis management and business development.   ..

business-game crisis-management decision-making

Business game - Corporation in Distress, Extra Intensive

An onsite business game, immersing participants into the world of crisis management.  ..

business-game crisis-management decision-making

Business game - Production Line

Course Description The purpose of this game is to learn the basics of a manufacturing business. The players will lear..

business-game manufacturing supply-management

Contests - Simformer Management Cup

Organize a Management Championship among your employees or students using Simformer Business Simulation environment. An ..

simformer-solutions online-management-challenge business-cup

Simformer online assessment

 An effective HR tool for distant assessment of managers’ and candidates’ professional competency..

business-game assessment

Business Game - Risky Business

An online game that is focused on risk management. The participants will have to make the right decision in a short p..

business-game risk-management risky-business

SBS Classic Corporate

An access license to an online Simformer Business Simulation game. A perfect solution for the gamification of courses, t..

online-training personnel-assessment corporate-training

SBS Intensive Corporate

An effective solution for corporate training sessions. Give your employees the opportunity to manage competing virtual c..

online-training personnel-assessment corporate-training

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